5 things in my refrigerator

This one’s slightly challenging.

Because I’m a gold-fish.

And I have no memory to speak of.

And I’m not at home, in front of my refrigerator.

So now I really need to think hard about what I might have in it.


If my memory serves me right, which it probably doesn’t, then five (out of the many, many, many) things in my refrigerator include:

1| Long-life, low-fat milk carton
We’re a family of lactose intolerant individuals.
This is primarily for guests who want milk with their desi chai.

image source

2| Sweet chilli ketchup
I have a husband who eats ketchup with everyone. I’m not even kidding.
Soup: yes. Kebabas: yes. Gluten-free rotis: yes. Daal: yes. Sausages: yes. Omelette: yes.
I’m surprised he doesn’t just eat ketchup by itself for a meal.

image source

3| Gluten-free soya sauce
We’re a lactose-free and gluten-free household.
Yes, regular soya sauce has mad amounts of gluten.
So say the doctors in our family!

image source

4| Combination of Nando’s sauces
This one’s pretty self-explanatory.
Scratch out the extra-hot peri-peri sauce. That one we don’t have.
No chance. Nope. Non. No.

image source

5| Nuttelex Olive spread
Remember what I said about lactose?
Yep, this is a lactose, cholesterol, gluten, soy free brand.
Surprisingly, not taste-free.
Them Australians really know how to make things awesome.
Check out the range of products on the Nuttelex website.

image source

What do you have in your refrigerator?

Who would you call first?

Wouldn’t that depend upon the situation?

In an ideal world, the answer would be yes. Yes, it would depend upon the situation. However, we neither live in an ideal world, nor does the heart obey a sane mind’s logic.

Sane, in itself, is a relative concept. Is it not…?

Even as I, a perfectly sane and logical person by my own admission, type this out, I know exactly who I would call first.

So clichéd. So corny. So ‘everyone’. But so fucking true.

From the legendary Oscar Night eve to this day, the first person I call has been you…will always be you.

retro phone 1

Signs, signs and more signs!

5 years later and I still say this to myself. Everyday.

CCx9VifVIAAXaI_ image source

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35 new age acronyms

If you’re an 80s kid like me, then you’ve probably seen the world of technology change dramatically right before your eyes.

From console video games to hand-held consoles; from digital diaries / PDAs to iPhones that have more memory than the first PC my brother and I ever owned (1.2 GB – not even kidding!).

With technology, the other thing that’s sort of changed the playing field in the last couple of decades is the internet. Yeah yeah yeah…we’ve heard it all before. The internet was this and is now that. The internet has yadayadayadaya.

But the one very important thing that’s changed because of a combination of technology and the internet is how we communicate.

To put things into context, this imaginary conversation between person 1 trying to convince person 2 to go to a concert could very well be true:

35 new age acronyms.cropped

Not even kidding. They’ve having conversations like this. They’re acronym-ing the shit out of entire sentences! Who’re they? EVERYONE! *gaaaah*

I consider myself pretty technology and internet savvy (as ancient as that word itself may be!), but in the last few months, there’re a few acronyms that’ve completely thrown me off. IKR, for instance. (PS: it means ‘I know right’. I know, right!)

So I decided to write this post for those of us who sometimes feel like we’re speaking another language. Because, really, we’re not. THEY are!

Or…are they?

1 AF / AFK As fuck / Away from keyboard
2 AYFK Are you fucking kidding
3 CBF Can’t be fucked
4 CTFD Calm the fuck down
5 DGAF Don’t give a fuck
6 FFS For fuck’s sake
7 FML Fuck my life
8 FOMO Fear of missing out
9 FTW For the win
10 FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
11 GTFO Get the fuck out
12 IDK I don’t know
13 IKR I know right
14 IMHO / IMO In my humble opinion / In my opinion
15 LMAO Laughing my ass off
16 LOL Laugh out loud; not lots of love
17 MOFO Mother fucker
18 OMG Oh my god
19 ROFL / ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
20 S-FUS Standard Fucked Up Situation
21 SMF / SMOFO Stupid mother fucker
22 SMHO Screaming my head off
23 SNF So not fair
24 SSDD Same shit different day
25 STFU Shut the fuck up
26 TARFU Things Are Really Fucked Up
27 TBH To be honest
28 TMI Too much information
29 TTFN Ta-ta for now
30 TTYL Talk to you later
31 WTAF What the actual fuck
32 WTF What the fuck
33 XOXO Hugs and kisses
34 YFOS You’re full of shit
35 YOLO You only live once

And that’s that.

Evolution of the written word.

What other crazy ones have I missed out?

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Goodbye blues

Here’s something that might help you get over your blues.

someone, somewhere image source

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My favorite Google Fonts

Have I previously mentioned that I have a really bad memory? Can’t remember.

In any case – I have a really bad memory. They don’t call me ‘gold fish’ for no reason!

As you can imagine, this gold-fish syndrome is highly annoying especially when I’m trying to remember what I did and why I did it.

This happens to be one of the reasons why I am soon to write another post on the various plugins I use and why. Hopefully that’ll help me remember.

What’s all this got to do with my favorite Google fonts? Well, that’s quite obvious too, isn’t it? I just can’t remember which fonts I like! How frustrating is that!

I wanted to create a ‘silv3rglee.com’ banner kinda image and wanted a slightly more exciting font than your regular Arial or Georgia. This is also the reason that the images you see below are ‘silv3rglee.com’ images, and not ‘the quick brown fox…’. I wasn’t trying to be vain – it was just more convenient to paste pictures that I’d already made! =D

So, obviously, I decided to write this post to, well, not just keep track of my favorite ones, but also in an attempt to share some of these with you.

And also to shed some light on the existence of Google fonts, for those of you who weren’t aware. Yep, these are free fonts that you can download on your Mac or PC and use as you please.

You’re welcome. *cheeky grin*

By the by, I found some of these names cooler than the actual fonts!

1 | Love Ya Like A Sister

Love ya like a sister bold

Love ya like a sister


2 | Pompiere


pompiere not bold


3 | Happy Monkey

happy monkey bold happy monkey


4 | Shadows Into Light

shadows into light bold

shadows into light

5 | Shadows Into Light Two

shadows into light two bold shadows into light two


6 | Wellfleet


wellfeet not bold


7 | BenchNine

benchnine bold benchnine


8| Loved by the King

loved by the king bold loved by the king


9 | Special Elite

special elite special elite not bold


10 | Amatic SC

amatic bold amatic


11 | Architects Daughter

architect's daughter
architect's daughter not bol


12 | Coming Soon

coming soon bold coming soon


13 | Waiting for the Sunrise

waiting for sunshine bold waiting for sunshine


14 | Walter Turncoat

walter turncoat bold walter turncoat


15 | Neucha

Neucha Neucha not bold


16 | Just Another Hand

Just another hand bold Just another hand


17 | Schoolbell

school bell bold school bell


18 | The Girl Next Door

the girl next door bold the girl next door


19 | Just Me Again Down Here

just me again down here bold just me again down here


20 | VT323

vt323 bold vt323


21 | Give You Glory

give you glory bold give you glory


22 | Sue Ellen Francisco

sue ellen bold sue ellen


23 | Annie Use Your Telescope

annie annie not bold


24 | Delius Unicase

delius bold delius

I know 24 is a slightly odd number to finish off on, but it is what it is.

Would you believe if I told you that I still haven’t figured out which one to use for my banner?

If you have a minute, drop in a comment with your suggestion – it would be of great help to an extremely indecisive person! =)

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Crowd-sourced child

In the bizarre world of the internet, I stumbled upon this gem:

image source

At first it made me giggle.

But as I thought about it more and more, it started to frighten the living daylights out of me.

It made me think of every petty Twitter fight, every grotesque attempt at creating controversy to gain more followers and RTs.

It made me think of hundreds of people tagged on Facebook posts to push content and get likes.

How would they vote? Would there be a poll for each life decision? Would people then make an extraordinary effort to get their decision voted? They would, if they were to get credit for it, wouldn’t they? That could result in more followers and recognition, couldn’t it?

If my decision is voted on the best to change a random child’s life, then it’s good enough to change yours.

But would there then be controversy over whose decision was picked and why?

“She’s obviously sleeping with someone on the decision picking committee. Why else would such a shoddy decision be picked?!
He’s obviously the son of someone super influential. There’s no way his decision was better than mine!

I see cloaks of superiority being put on. I see noses up in the air. And I see instant and thorough deletions of identity from the internet if a decision were to backfire in one way or another.

I see fights over cultural differences. Is the Indian education system better than the American education system? But the British curriculum is more widely accepted than both. Should the child be allowed to pierce his or her ears at an early age? Will he or she stay at home or fend for their own self when older? Arranged marriage? Love marriage? What caste and gotra and community will he or she belong to? Will a quota apply? What nationality will he or she hold?

I see each one of us turning into a specialist doctor. Gluten is poison and shouldn’t be consumed. Our stomachs aren’t meant to digest animal milk. But how else will this child get the right calcium content? Rice is too heavy and carb-rich – stick to oats. Vegetarianism vs. non-vegetarianism vs. veganism vs. belief-based diets.

And it sends shivers down my spine.

The Truman Show was hard enough to digest. This may turn out to be catastrophic.


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Jugaad in Dubai

It isn’t often that you see instances of jugaad in Dubai. When one does see such a thing in a posh area like the Marina no less, then pictures must be clicked and shared!

I’m calling this one ‘Passenger chair’.

Jugaad in Dubai.updated


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How do you refer to death?


It’s quite bizarre that I’d never thought of how I address someone’s death. Till my plane ride to Australia a few weeks ago, that is.

I’m not quite sure what brought this on, I’ll be completely honest. But I just sat there, waiting to board, and gave it some proper thought.

Death can be as natural an occurrence for some and a life-altering anomaly for others. A lot of people tread with caution when talking about it, while others take an unusually casual approach.

And somewhere in between sits yours truly.

Let’s say my good friend Dean (obviously imaginary) was in a car crash and didn’t make it. What would I say to our common friends if his name came up in a conversation months or even years later:

1. Expiration date

“Haven’t you heard? Dean expired.”


There was a time I would’ve perhaps used that phrase. That time was middle school.

I remember once being told off by a very dear friend of mine who said to me, “Please don’t say ‘expired’ in the context of someone’s death. It sounds like you’re talking about a carton of milk.”

Never again have I used that phrase. Now, as I’ve come to realise, even hearing that phrase makes me cringe.

2. Brutal truth

“Haven’t you heard? Dean died.”

Well, he did. Is there really a point in beating about the bush?

Although…is there really a need to be so harsh?

3. …and?

“Haven’t you heard? Dean is no more.”

No more what? No more in the parliament? No more feeding the birds in the park? No more capable of running the marathon because of his new found obsession with the cancer-stick?

No, seriously though…no more WHAT?!

4. Laying it on easy?

“Haven’t you heard? Dean passed away.”

This is the phrase that I most often use. Actually, I always use this phrase. I suppose it has an element of…politeness to it. Nothing else quite tends to work in sensitive situations or otherwise.

That is, unless you know of another appropriate phrase?

The day I jumped out of a plane

Yes, I jumped out of a plane.

No, it wasn’t frightening.

Yes, Rohit was scared shitless.

No, I didn’t have sweat patches under my arms.

Yes, I had the time of my life.

No, I hadn’t done it before.

Yes, I would do it again. In a heartbeat.




I’d drafted this note a few days after I sky dived on 28 March earlier this year. It is now November and this post is only just going live.

Fuck. My. Life.


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