5 things in my refrigerator

This one’s slightly challenging.

Because I’m a gold-fish.

And I have no memory to speak of.

And I’m not at home, in front of my refrigerator.

So now I really need to think hard about what I might have in it.


If my memory serves me right, which it probably doesn’t, then five (out of the many, many, many) things in my refrigerator include:

1| Long-life, low-fat milk carton
We’re a family of lactose intolerant individuals.
This is primarily for guests who want milk with their desi chai.

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2| Sweet chilli ketchup
I have a husband who eats ketchup with everyone. I’m not even kidding.
Soup: yes. Kebabas: yes. Gluten-free rotis: yes. Daal: yes. Sausages: yes. Omelette: yes.
I’m surprised he doesn’t just eat ketchup by itself for a meal.

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3| Gluten-free soya sauce
We’re a lactose-free and gluten-free household.
Yes, regular soya sauce has mad amounts of gluten.
So say the doctors in our family!

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4| Combination of Nando’s sauces
This one’s pretty self-explanatory.
Scratch out the extra-hot peri-peri sauce. That one we don’t have.
No chance. Nope. Non. No.

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5| Nuttelex Olive spread
Remember what I said about lactose?
Yep, this is a lactose, cholesterol, gluten, soy free brand.
Surprisingly, not taste-free.
Them Australians really know how to make things awesome.
Check out the range of products on the Nuttelex website.

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What do you have in your refrigerator?


    • silv3rglee says:

      You can get gluten-free soya sauce in Spinneys, if I’m not mistaken. If not, then definitely at the organic store or Waitrose. Lemme know if you want me to grab you a bottle next time I go get some for the house. =)

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