The day my DIY blog died

…was a painful fucking day.

You know why?

Cuz I’d put in a lot of fucking effort to get my posts up here, had links to my posts up on bloody endless social media site and then – BAM! – just like that…it died.

Can I just take a moment here and say how tragic this was for me?

I didn’t recover for 36 weeks.

That’s quite a non-traditional time scale, no? Well, in my defence, it’s the only time stamp I could find. I got it off Pinterest, based on the last time I’d uploaded a pin on my My Blog Posts board.

As I was saying…I’d written a number of blog posts. Some of them went viral (at least in my little happy world a 1000 odd pins on a blog post equals a post going viral), while others got me critical acclaim.

Yes, I watched the Oscars recently.

*ahem* So yes, some blogs went viral and others received critical acclaim. And then there was one that was supposed to push me to do more crafty, DIY work. Well, not so much ‘push’ as ‘challenge’. I’d taken on a 52 Week DIY / Creative challenge and even created a board for it.

I believe it was a few days after this 52 week promise post went live that my DIY blog died.

*long sigh*

But now it’s time to resurrect the shit out of this blog.

I’ll start by painstakingly adding back posts I lost, including and especially 5th anniversary present and Pages on a wall.

And then maybe, just maybe I’ll try and give this 52 Week DIY / Creative Challenge another shot.

*fingers crossed*