5th anniversary present

I recently wrote about the day my blog died. Tragic as it was, it’s now time to get going and rewrite posts I’d lost.

The first one I’ve decided to rewrite is one that became quite popular on Pinterest, with over 1000 repins: 5th anniversary present. I can’t stop advertising this. Clearly. *teehee*

I’m sure a lot of couples will understand when I say that when you’ve been together for a long time, you run out of ideas for gifts. Especially for anniversaries.

When I hit this road block a couple of years ago when Rohit and I were celebrating five years of having known each other, I turned to my one trusted advisor: Pinterest!

After this inspirational streak, I went online, dished out the lyrics to our song ‘Pehli Nazar Mein – Race‘ (Rohit is a Bollywood junkie – and the song isn’t half bad =P), and got straight to work. This is what I ended up gifting to him:


Turned out pretty well, even if I say so myself!

Now, without going into further detail about why, where, when let’s get to the how, shall we?

What you’ll need


  1. Photo frame
    I picked one with a thick border. This would highlight the text on white background.
  2. Pair of scissors
  3. Glue stick
  4. Smooth writing black ink pen
    Be sure to test the pen out before you start the project. If needed, go out and buy a new one. You’ll want to use the same pen for all the text else it’ll look quite shabby!
  5. Thick white paper to write on
    The paper you start of with should be bigger than the frame. You can then cut it to fit the frame.
  6. Lyrics to your song
  7. Your picture!

What to do (instructions)

1. Clean your workstation! 

As patronising as this may sound, you’ll be surprised at how many times projects get ruined just because of dirty workstations. Grab the table you want to work on, clean it thoroughly and then start.

2. Measure the paper

Inside the frame that you’ve chosen there will be a default picture. Take this picture out and place it on the thick paper you’re going to write on. Now make markings (little dots) on three sides of the paper. Make sure these marks are not exactly to scale with the default picture. You want to leave some space in case you make a mistake cutting it.



3. Join the dots!

Now join the dots (markings) you’d made on the paper. This will give you a rectangular space within which you can write.


4. Write away!

Now get those lyrics out and start to write along the rectangle that you’ve sketched out.

You can write however you want. I prefer giving things an artistic twist, so I started writing from the top right hand corner of the rectangle and continued writing in a loop. You can choose to write in cursive or not. It really doesn’t matter. The only thing I would say is that make sure you write the text yourself. Don’t get a friend with good handwriting to write the text for you. It doesn’t matter if you have bad handwriting or not – the idea is that it should be yours!

I left a little rectangle in the centre where our picture would go. It’s best to write more so the picture covers the text rather than write less and have empty gaps showing. Or maybe that’s just my OCD talking. =P

Here, this picture might explain it better:


5. Cut and paste

Once your writing is done, cut the paper along the lines that you’d drawn. You’ll now have a clean rectangular sheet of paper that will fit inside your frame. Then, take the picture you’ve selected of the two of you and paste it in the centre of the sheet.

I chose a black and white picture just to go with the general monochrome theme. Also, this one happens to be my favourite picture of us. =)

Now, if you have OCD like I do, you’ll want to ensure that the picture is exactly in the centre of the text. I realised that mine was slllllllightly off centre. Looking at it still give me shivers down my spine. Almost makes me want to do the project all over again – yikes!


6. Frame it!

Once the picture you’ve pasted has set, your sheet of paper is all set to go into the frame.

You can either gift wrap the final frame or you can place it somewhere obvious so your other half will see it. That’s what I did. =)

20130515_202915 20130515_202923 20130515_202929 20130515_205511

And that’s that! =)

G’luck with making your version of this frame. Don’t forget to drop in a comment below when you do try this!

Since this frame wasn’t an original idea, I can’t end this post without giving due credit. These two pins are the ones that gave me my eureka moment: Picture of the first dance with the lyrics of the song written in the frame and First Dance with Lyrics. So in case either of these pins is yours – thank you!

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