Pages on a wall

I promised I’d slowly, but surely, revive my blog. As you can see, I’m doing exactly that.

The second blog that I’m rewriting (in case the context is lost on you, take a minute to read The day my DIY blog died) is another popular one: Pages on a wall.

As the name suggests, this one’s about a wall I’d redone in our flat over a year ago. Here are a couple of classic before-and-after pictures:


Before After small

I’d just finished reading Dozakhnama: Conversations in hell by Rabisankar Bal and incidentally, come across this idea around the same time. I’ll leave you to read the book – no spoilers! – but I will say that it has a lovely blend of different languages in their original scripts. By that, I mean that there aren’t merely phonetically translated versions of the verses.

The final wall had not only English and Hindi, but Bengali and Urdu script as well. It added a lot of character to the overall final product.


Since I can only ready English and Hindi, I do wish some of the things in Urdu and Bengali had phonetic translations, I won’t lie!

Alrightie then: moving along to the wall and how that entire process transpired…

It really isn’t rocket science trying to figure out what I did and how I did it. But there are a few pointers that I’d kept in mind that I think might help you. It’s always the little things that matter the most! =)

What you’ll need (supplies)


  1. The wall
    *ahem* This is a no-shit-Sherlock one. But I suppose what I mean by this is that you should pick out a wall that’s visible and can be easily accessorised – I had a ladder and a bean bag against mine. But if the wall is cramped and restrictive, then it limits what you can do around it. That said, I’ve seen some stunning examples of these walls being done up in bathrooms and under staircases!
  2. Paper cutter / slicer
    My DIY and crafts haven in Dubai is Daiso. Everything in the store is for AED 7, unless the product has a price tag. You can get this paper cutter / slicer from there.
  3. The book
    Pick a book you like. I’ve also seen some walls that have comic books, magazine covers, newspapers…so you can let your imagination run wild with this one!
  4. Pair of scissors
  5. Glue stick
    I used UHU glue. But in retrospect, I would recommend using wallpaper paste. I mean, it is made for that purpose!

What to do (instructions)

1 | Ripping pages off

You’ll need to gently rip off pages from the book you’re using. I know that’s kind of an oxymoron, but hey, you know what I mean!

Tear pages 2

See that you take special care make sure that it’s a clean break. This will reduce the amount of work required to even out edges, etc.

Clean break vs not so clean break

2 | Start pasting

As simple as the process of pasting might seem, this, too, can be quite tricky.

Start pasting1

The reason I started pasting from this corner is that the other end of the wall would then get incomplete / half pages. Take a look at the final wall image to see what I’m saying!



Hard at work

3 | Admire your work of art!

That’s right – there’s nothing more to it! I’m saying this with a disclaimer: it took me a looooooong time to get this done! I worked on this over a weekend and busted my back doing it.

No, I’m not even kidding – I needed an entire day to straighten my back.

I have to admit, though: it was worth every minute!

Here are some pictures of the final product:

the wall




Final 2


Before After small

And that’s how I put up pages on my wall. =)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I have no imagination. No, it’s true!

I can perhaps take something I’ve seen and add my two cents to make it look decidedly different from the original piece, but at the end of the day, the idea would probably not crop up in my mind on its own. Le sigh!

This idea, just like many others, was inspired from a few posts that I saw online. As always, I’d like to take a second to give due credit to those who have creative minds. It’s these people my creativity thrives off of!

Big shout out to The Desi Wonder Woman. Few can do DIY like this awesome woman! Also, here are examples of what some other mad creative people have done:

On that note – enjoy doing up your wall! And as always, drop in a comment if you do try this. =)

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