Balcony makeover

This is the third post I’m rewirting – I’m doing bloody well, even if I say so myself. =P

Now, in the past, I’ve primarily done indoor crafts and DIY projects, like Pages on a wall, 5th anniversary present, Picture frame from recycled magazines and some other ones I haven’t gotten around to blogging yet.

The very first outdoor DIY project I did was giving my balcony a makeover.

Our flat (we’ve since moved from there – sigh!) was on the 26th floor, smack on Sheikh Zayed Road. The view, as you can imagine, was epic. So when the weather was nice, we found ourselves in the balcony, chilling. As did our guests.

So we thought, hey, why not redo our balcony to make it more…hmmm…what’s the word? Less dry looking? Let’s go with that for now.

But then the question arose: how does one make a balcony less dry? Before we’d had a chance to sit down and brainstorm what to do with it, we ended up going to a friend’s house who’d redone her balcony. And we realised that what they’d done with their balcony would work perfectly with ours!

So off we went to Ikea, bought ourselves some wooden planks, got Rohit in a throw-away T-shirt, and got him straight to work.

Of course Rohit did the hard work – I’m just taking credit for accessorising the balcony and writing this post!

Hey, at least I’m honest about it. =D

This is what the balcony looked like before the makeover…

Before …during…

…and after it was done:

final Again, it isn’t rocket science trying to figure out how this was done. But I thought I’d just share a few handy tips with you before you start working on your balcony makeover.

Tip #1

Clean the balcony! Remember, you’re rarely going to clean under those planks, so make sure you do a thorough job before starting to lay the planks out.

Tip #2

You might have gaps between planks and the edges of the balcony to cover in case the planks aren’t an exact fit. If you have a balcony that’s not structurally aligned (and gives you nightmares occasionally – no? Really? Just me and my OCD then!), then you’ll have some asymmetrical gaps to cover. Get creative with theses gaps!

IMG_8660 Tip #3

If your balcony isn’t too big, then keep your furniture to a bare minimum. Remember, if people tend to be in your balcony often, you wouldn’t want them fighting furniture for space to stand!

Tip #4

Add a little more DIY flavour to your balcony with this super quick and easy tip: thoroughly wash and rinse an empty wine bottle. Get a single long stemmed flower and stick it in there. Make sure there’s a little bit of water in the bottle, of course. And add a dash of salt – I hear it helps. =)
What a difference it makes to the overall look! And so ridiculously simple.

wine bottle

And this, boys and girls, is what the final product looked like:


Ta-daaaaaa! =)

As always, drop in a comment below with what you thought of this.

It’s also nice to hear if you’ve done something similar or if you end up trying this. So yeah, drop in a comment and let me know. =)

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