How to clean silver jewellery or silverware at home

I’m somewhat obsessed with silver. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise, should it? I mean, my handle does have the word “silver” in it…!

Earlier in 2015, I went to visit my parents in Delhi. I was back in Delhi after more than two years. You know what that means – shopping!

And my mum, because mums have a special way of knowing exactly what you like and what you need in your life, took me to the silver shopping area. Not the big malls or fancy air conditioned stores, but them small cozy and super awesome tiny shops.

As I walked into one of these small silver shops, I realized I’d carried with me some of my silver that had oxidized over time. So I promptly took my jewellery out and asked the gentleman there if he had the special solution to clean silver. Because, well, I clearly hadn’t bothered to look around for it.

This is one of those moments when I kinda applauded my laziness. Not just me, my mum applauded my laziness too! Why? Well, because our man at the shop proceeded to give us a handy little tip on how to clean silver at home. I didn’t quite believe my eyes when he cleaned my jewellery thinking there must’ve been some kinda hidden ingredient he’d used. It really couldn’t be that simple!

So what does the scientist in me do? Tests it out herself! Right before karvachauth this year, I took out my silverware and proceeded to clean it.

Here’s the what and how:

supplies 3 what to do 3 Nope, not kidding – that’s all it takes!

Now for some classic before-and-after pictures…

lota 3 thaali diya 3

There you have it – you learn something new every day!

G’luck with you silver-cleaning. =)

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